Simplicity!  That's what Simplified Computer Services emphasizes!

Repairs and Upgrades: SCS provides personalized, professional, and comprehensive repairs and upgrades on all types of PCs and peripheral equipment for personal or small-business use.  In many cases, services are performed on-site unless it is more practical and cost-effective to complete at SCS. It's that simple, just call SCS!


New PCs: Why buy a typical PC tower at a big-box store when you can have a PC in any size, shape, color, and horsepower that you need?  Call SCS for a new name-brand PC/laptop or choose a top-quality, custom-built option for your business, hobby, or gaming needs!


Refurbished PCs: Why pay full price for new PCs and Macs when you can save $$$ on professionally refurbished, off-lease computers that are cost-effective and have a warranty.  Call SCS for details!


Website Designs and Hosting: Call SCS for affordable, effective, and professional website design! One of the leading website companies in the world will manage the domains and hosting. From simple postings to e-commerce websites, SCS will get you noticed online!


Data Security: Did you backup those family pictures stored on your PC? Did you loose important business files when your PC "crashed"?  SCS specializes in data recovery, data security and data backup solutions for home and business.  Call SCS before it's too late!


Virus Removal: SCS will remove PC infections and help prevent them in the first place. SCS will review security issues and will install new software with your approval.  Don't Panic, simply call SCS!


Networking: Dependable, effective wired and wireless networking options for any home or office are simply a phone call away. Call SCS for networking solutions!


New Computer Installation: "Where does this wire go?"  SCS will setup and configure your new PC, printer, etc. as well as remove unwanted marketing and "junk" software, and answer all of your operating questions so you can get the most out of your new purchase.  Just call SCS to "simplify" your new technology to your needs!


Hardware and Software Sales:  Buy with confidence and save $$$ on any PC, Laptop, Printer, Monitor, Software, etc.  Simply call SCS before your next purchase!


Training and Instruction: Want to learn more about the Internet or Windows?  Need to learn how to use new software? Simply call SCS to setup a training session!


Technology Management Consultation: Is your business using technology appropriately?  Can you consolidate equipment to improve efficiency?  Call SCS for a consultation and review to get the most out of what today's technology has to offer!

"A Simplified

Approach To Make Technology Work

For You!"

Simplified Computer Services
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Simplified Computer Services is a home-based business offering a full range of computer-related services to the local Fairfield and New Haven county areas. 


SCS brings over 30

years of experience providing personalized, professional, and comprehensive solutions to your small-business office or home PCs.

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