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takes Online Security very seriously!

New online threats appear daily yet many common security programs to a very poor job of protecting your PC, your data, and your privacy.  Effective online security is much cheaper than PC repairs or privacy/identity damage.  SCS is constantly adding effective weapons to its arsenal to help protect you from online threats!


Educating yourself, your children, and your employees is just as important as effective security software!  The Internet is an amazing place to share information but it can be a very dangerous place as well.  Everyone owes it to themselves to have a general working knowledge of online safety and privacy so that they can safely enjoy the benefits the Internet has to offer.

Beware of these common threats and scams:

  • If anyone calls you on the telephone and insists that you have a computer problem, HANG UP!  Do not provide any information and do not allow them access to your computer!
  • If your computer screen is suddenly displaying any security messages from your Internet provider, the FBI, or any other organization, TURN OFF THE PC!  These may include loud alarm noises if your speakers are on. These are all fake messages to scam you into providing money or information. Restart the PC and if the problem continues, simply call SCS!
  • If your computer is suddenly displaying messages that require upgrades or drivers, TURN OFF THE PC!  These are also fake messages to scam you into providing money or information. Restart the PC and if the problem continues, simply call SCS!
  • Do not open any email messages from unknown solicitors, especially if they indicate that they contain information that you didn't, it's just an enticement.
  • Do not click on website links in email messages, especially from financial or shopping websites.  Always open your Internet browser and login to your account directly to avoid scams and theft.
  • Always read the screen and understand what it is you are about to click on!  Internet pirates are everywhere!
  • When in doubt, simply call SCS for help!

Click the links below to find simple explanations of additional ways to be safe on the Internet:

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